Nick is a fine artist and graphic designer.  In his heart he loves to design for print, but he’s well acquainted with unusual projects requiring out-of-the-ordinary materials or processes.

Nick’s custom print business is La Cucaracha Press where he prints and designs goods for clients like restaurants, design firms, small businesses, artists, and individuals.  His sweet spot currently is doing screen print and letterpress, but he’s no stranger to doing elaborate and technical work drawing on knowledge related to anything from soldering and welding to woodworking, binding books, making paper…you name it.  He’s constantly pushing his limits to learn new processes and how to implement them or even to appropriate their function for other purposes.

In 2017 Nick and his collaborators in a group called Collective Ex created an activation at Air & Style snowboarding and music festival in Los Angeles.  For the second year in a row, Nick and his team did live-printing with about 1500 concert goers including snowboarder Shawn White.  In March he received a grant to start the PrintCast, a podcast about the world of printmaking.  Since then he’s been drawing, illustrating things, designing websites, screen printing stuff, letterpressing lots of paper, running Risograph experiments, exploring the conceptual side of die-cutting, rock climbing and hanging with friends, his two cats and majestic beast of a dog.