Gig Poster Invitation & a Ticket RSVP

The client came to meet me and laid out the coolest invitation concept that I had ever heard.  He and his wife were getting married on a lake in Colorado, and they wanted a concert poster to send out as the invite.  He let me run with it as long as it paired the location in Colorado with the idea of a 70’s concert poster.  Technically I started researching this project about 20 years ago when I got into vinyl and started pursuing art in earnest, but I didn’t hesitate to pull out all kinds of reference materials for this.  It was a lot of fun connecting true aspects of the site with hand lettering and a bit of invention, and I tried to reference the old WPA National Parks posters too which seemed appropriate.  I created a matching ticket RSVP that paired with the poster, with the seams perforated for a nice authentic touch.  As far as I know, some of these posters still hang at guests’ houses, which is a rare thing for a wedding invitation in general.