Los Trabajadores | The Workers

This body of work evolved while I lived in Southern New Mexico (2005-2009), an agricultural region in the desert where you can witness field workers laboriously tending to fields almost daily. I became fascinated with the immigration debate at the time, and the dichotomy I witnessed each day in the news versus what I saw in my community. By creating faithful renderings of workers who tilled fields near my home as monumental prints and drawings on wood, I hope this work highlights the dignity of the workers, and overall it has been well received by many diverse audiences.

Still, after years of living with this body of work, I find myself becoming more introspective about the presence of my own privilege as it relates to this work, and the fact that I appropriated likenesses of people I hardly knew and could not truly communicate with to make these images. Despite having good intentions, I feel I can be more sensitive in future projects like this, where I can hopefully honor the working class with images that feel more inclusive or diplomatic to the subject matter I choose to work with.