The objects in this series were documented in the farm fields of New Mexico. I lived in an area near fields where you might see cotton growing, red chiles, onions, and pecan orchards. 
I worked on this series, They Leave Traces, for a little over a year. After moving to the outskirts of Las Cruces, NM I began to run each afternoon with a camera to document things I would find on the trails, roads and floating in the irrigation canals. There was something mysterious about the objects I documented and I was fascinated by their presence amidst the crops and dirt. To my eye, they signified workers who tended the fields and the water they consumed. They also represented people who for one reason or another had to cast off belongings like travelers passing through. The SW United States has a complex history with our Southern border. It’s a region with a long history of migration of people’s, and after studying migrant workers for two years, the fields had become more symbolic in my work. Also becoming significant were the objects I would find as I explored there because they stood in for the people who I rarely encountered..